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FREE Entry Level Training

Thanks to a generous grant funded to the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families (DCF), we are able to offer the following Foundational Training Courses for FREE;

  • Fundamentals of Infant and Toddler Care,

  • Fundamentals of Family Child Care,

  • Introduction to the Child Care Profession and

  • Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher  

Please note: The class format for the FREE training courses are Blended (Correspondence/Interactive).  This is a combination of self-study with a small portion 25% Interactive (Peer-to-Peer Group Interaction required in our discussion forum). 

Q&A Session are available on Monday evenings for extra assistance.  More information will be provided upon enrollment.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Be a Wisconsin Resident

  • Must have a computer or laptop with a internet connection. (You will not be able to complete the course with a cell phone)

  • Must watch the Orientation Video HERE!

  • Must attend one of the Monday Night Q&A sessions (this session is Virtual).  We will provide a link to the Monday night session within 24 hours of completing the enrollment information.


To enroll in any of the courses listed above, please click the ENROLL button below;

***Please do not enroll until you are ready to get started!!!  

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