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Scavenger Hunt Through the Licensing Book

There are differences in the licensing rules depending on what type of licensed child care program you are working in. For today's group assignment in the "Introduction to the Child Care Profession" class, trainees are reading through both DCF 250 Licensing Rules for Family Child Care Centers and DCF 251 Licensing Rules for the Group Child Care Center books to determine what the similarities and differences are for both licensed programs. For this assignment, they only need to list one difference and one similarity. The reason sections should be why they feel that the difference is needed. They were instructed to be specific as to the difference and similarity.

Introduction to the Child Care Profession is the state of Wisconsin DCF approved course that is required to work as an assistant teacher in a licensed child care program. This course is listed on as a approved tiered course. It is available both online and face to face/ blended.

Enroll in the Child Care Teacher Early Childhood Training program by going to

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