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Child Care Training & Continuing Education

Developmentally Appropriate Practice DAP

This course is for teachers and caregivers who are committed to making
developmentally appropriate decisions about the environment, interaction, curriculum and teaching of young children. This training describes the core concepts of DAP and makes them meaningful to everyday practice for teachers.

3hrs.                      $20     


The Art of Teaching (Classroom Management)

Teachers and caregivers will learn the art and skill to effectively managing
student behavior while maintaining an appropriate learning environment.

3hrs.                      $20  

Time to Exhale (Stress Management for Teachers)

Looking for tried and true ways to manage stress and take
charge of your work life? This training is for you! Take a deep breath and
exhale as you learn how to handle concerns such as; not having enough time for yourself,

not getting enough feedback,

having difficulty expressing our
feelings and dealing with anger management issues.

3hrs.                      $20 

Professionalism in Child Care

In this course, early childhood professionals will understand that
professionalism is setting a standard of excellence within the facility and
being committed to the growth and development of each child by offering a
positive, kind, loving, and safe atmosphere.

3hrs.                      $20

Early Brain Development

Early childhood professionals will understand that who
a child will become academically and socially depend on the experiences gained as an infant and young child.

3hrs.                      $20 

Leadership in Early Childhood Education

Leaders must understand some of the key elements necessary
to lead a quality early childhood program. Leaders will understand that, they hold the keys to quality in
  a successful and well run program.

3hrs.                      $20 

Universal & Standard Precautions in Child Care

The Goal of this training is for early childhood professionals to be knowledgeable about infectious diseases that can be
transmitted in the child care setting.

3hrs.                      $20 

Hand Hygiene in Child Care

This training is designed to update early childhood professionals
about the guidelines for hand hygiene in the early childhood setting.

3hrs.                      $20 

“Ouch, Please Don’t’ Hurt Me!”,  Biting, Fighting and Bullying

This course covers important information on biting, child
fighting and bulling. Early childhood professionals will understand why
children display these types of aggressive behaviors and what they can do to prevent such behaviors.

4hrs.                      $24 

“Yum, Yum!” Good Nutrition for Young Children

This course covers the basic nutritional needs of young
children by exploring the new USDA’s “ChooseMyPlate” nutritional guidelines. Early childhood professionals

will understand that Young children need specific nutrients, such as; vitamins, minerals, fiber and water in order

to grow healthy and develop a strong immune system.

4hrs.                      $24 

Creating Learning Centers in Early Childhood Classrooms

After completing this course, early childhood professionals will understand what
learning centers are and the importance, types and benefits of setting up quality learning centers.  

6hrs.                      $30 

Marketing Your Child Care Business

This course examines ways that providers can market and
advertise their business for increased enrollment.

6hrs.                      $30 

Music in Early Childhood Programs

This course examines the link between music and the brain
and its importance in early childhood education.

6hrs.                      $30 

To Praise or Not to Praise: Encouragement & Active Listening

This course examines the concept of using encouragement and
reflective listening instead of praise with young children in the classroom.

6hrs.                      $30 

Assessing Young Children

This course examines the purpose for which young children are assessed and what kinds of

assessments are most appropriate for young children.

3 hrs.                     $20  


Developing Child Portfolios

Child portfolios are an important part of child development.  This course will cover all of the essential parts

of the child portfolios, why they are needed and how to properly complete them.

6 hrs                       $30

Safety & Injury Prevention in Early Childhood Programs

Accidental injuries compromise the well-being of children across America.  Most injuries can and should be prevented.  Working to eliminate potential hazards in child care settings is the logical way to reduce the need for first aid care.  The course examines the safety strategies and emergency action plans so that the provider can be proactive toward reducing the possibility of injury.

3 hrs.                     $20

Curriculum and Lesson Planning

This course looks at the why, what and how of developmentally appropriate curriculum use and development

in early childhood programs.  This course will cover how to use curriculum in lesson planning.

3 hrs.                      $20

Support Literacy in Early Childhood Education

This course examines the importance of early literacy and how early childhood professionals can support

children's early literacy development in their programs.

3 hrs.                     $20

Observing Young Children

This course covers the purpose and benefits of using observations in an early childhood program.

6 hrs.                     $30

Medication Administration in Early Childhood Program


In Early Childhood Programs, there are times when we will need to administer medication to children.  

Directors, teachers, and providers must be careful to handle medications properly and to ensure that

children receive the proper dose of the right medicine at the right time.  This course covers how to safely

administer medication to children in an Early Childhood setting.

3 hrs.                $20

Teaching Diversity in Early Childhood Classrooms

Early childhood providers are called upon to do many difficult tasks.  One of the most difficult of these is providing

our children with diverse, multicultural experiences.  This course explores types of diversity with approaches and

strategies that can be used when teaching young children.

6 hrs.                  $30


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After registration and payment, your materials will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

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