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Are your classes approved by the State and the Registry?

All courses are approved in Wisconsin, however; you are responsible for knowing which courses you are required to take.  If you are outside of Wisconsin, you should check to see which courses are approved before enrolling.  Many states accept our courses including Texas, Illinois, Kentucky, Iowa, Oregon, Tennessee and Ohio.

What are the differences in the course formats?

Online/Home study: This is a web based course.  Once enrolled, within 24 hours, students will receive an email with the link and password to the classroom page that will contain all of the materials needed to complete the course.  Materials can be printed out or just opened and read from your computer or smart phone device.  You will need to have WORD to print into documents.


Classroom/Blended: Students come to online class only one day a week for instructions and details on what is expected for the course, and answer questions. 


When enrolled in the 8 or 11 week program, main text book and assignment packet are available in Google Classroom.  Most the work is done on the students own time.  Currently our classroom courses are VIRTUAL!

Mail Order/Home study: In addition to having the classroom links provided, the main text book and assignment packet will be mailed.  Students will still need to access the internet for supplemental reading and videos.

State Funded FREE classes:  These classes are FREE.  You are required to enroll for the foundational courses HERE.  With the FREE foundational courses, you are required to participate in Peer-to-peer group discussion.

How does the Online/Home Study course work?

Once enrolled, within 24 hours, you will receive an email with the classroom page link and password.  On the classroom page you will find links to all of the reading materials, assignment materials and videos.  You can open the reading materials/PDF documents to read on your computer or you can print the reading material to read a hard copy.  The assignment packet can be printed out, completed and shipped to us or you can scan and email to us at:  Some assignment packets are available as a WORD document and are fillable.  You can then just save and email to us.  

How do I enroll in the courses?

To enroll, you must complete  Registration and payment for the course.   After you have completed both steps, within 24 hours you will receive an email with the link(s) and password(s) for the class(es). 

How long do I have to complete each class?

You have 30 days to complete each class. If you need more time, you can request a 30 day extension via email.  If you have not completed the class by the end of the extension, you will need to re-enroll in the class. (Register + Pay) For course package deals, you are only allowed one 30 day extension for the entire package.  

How do I submit my course work?

1)You can print out the assignment packet, fill it out by hand and mail in your packet to: PO Box 2107 Waukesha, WI 53187. (make sure you make copies of everything for your records) or 2) you can print out the assignment packet, fill it out and scan it to your computer or flash drive and email to us at: 3) or you can open the WORD document and type your answers on the document and email to us.  When submitting your coursework, make sure your handwriting is legible and the pages are in order.  Send as one or two documents.  Do not email individual pages.  Do not send pictures of pages.

Once I submit my work, how long does it take to get feedback?

Students should expect to receive feedback about their course work in 7-10 business days. If there are corrections to be made, you will be permitted one opportunity to make those corrections by the date provided in the email.  Wisconsin; If you fail to provide your Registry number, the processing of your work will be delayed until that number is received.

Will I receive a certificate after completion?

Yes, Networx will provide a certificate through email for paid Continuing Education courses, however; for the Foundational courses (Fundamentals, Intro, Skills) You will receive a completion email with a link to obtain your certificate directly from the Registry.  Any questions about the Registry certificate should be directed to them at 608-222-1123.  If all of your work is completed successfully, and your registry number has been provided, you will receive your completion email from us in 7-10 business days.  If there is missing work or corrections that need to be made, you will get further feedback 7-10 days after those corrections or missing work has been re-submitted.

What is the refund/return policy?

Please see our refund/return policy page.

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