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Each individual book in this package is designed to assist you with a different aspect of your Early Childhood Professional career.  Purchase the entire 5 set series for $25.

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With our Family Child Care Starter kit, you will get the basic steps and resources that will get you started on your journey to opening a in home family child care business. There is a checklist to keep you organized. 

Stay organized with these daily lesson planning sheets. The monthly sheets include a space for activities related to all domains of development.  There are also note pages for observations and reflections. 

Assessments are important tools in early childhood education.  Child Portfolios are a great authentic assessment method.  Use the sheets included in this book to gather information about the child in all domains of development. 

This Employee Handbook is very extensive and covers all of the important policies and rules in a child care program plus some! Also, includes sample Job Descriptions. 

This Parent Policies and Procedures Handbook covers all of the information that parents should know when enrolling their child into your program.  

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