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Supplemental and Required Videos

AHT PowerPoint Video

SIDS PowerPoint Video


Safe Sleep for your Baby

Child Abuse & Neglect PP Video


Changing Brains Segments

Portrait of Promise

The B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. of Child Care, pt 1


The B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. of Child Care, pt 2


Infection Control in Child Care Settings, pt 1


Infection Control in Child Care Settings, pt 2


Toddler Brain Development, pt 1


Toddler Brain Development, pt 2


Infant Brain Development, pt 1


Infant Brain Development, pt 2

Mandated Reporter Training, pt 1234567

Small Business Tax Workshop (From the IRS)


Anger Management Video, pt 123456 

Misdirections in Bullying Prevention & Response

Choose My Plate

Safety Promotion in Child Care

Family Day Care Health and Safety

Put Your Hands Together

How to make a Bully

Supervision: Positioning

Supervision: Whats the Count

Developmental Milestones - Infant

Developmental Milestones - Twelve Month

Developmental Milestones - Eighteen Month

Developmental Milestones - Two Years

Developmental Milestones - Three Years

Developmental Milestones - Four Years

Developmental Milestones - Five Years

Toddler Observation Video 3

Toddler playing with Mega Blocks

Special Needs and Inclusion

World View – Anti bias Practice & Curriculum

Start with yourself

facilitating play in the classroom

Bringing Families together Building Community

Promoting Professionalism

Professionalism and Ethics in Early Childhood Education

CONNECT - Foundations of Inclusion Video

Dan Habib’s TEDx talk

***Additional Videos can be found on Youtube

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